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Taba Chake - Blush Lyrics

Sunday morning I wake up at 9

Smile at the sun for a while, And then I blush a little thinking of you Pinch myself to check if it's you I see everywhere What falls next is all the same Lying around and waiting on skype Hey! are you there? Yes you give wings to my heart To fly high and touch the stars that shines so bright When I think of you My heart skips for a beat I look at these old photographs

All laughter that we shared You're so far away I miss you everyday single day Without you by my side I could barely even smile Darling, you're so beautiful They say two is better than one But they don't know I want us to be one, you my better half We're gonna breathe in love Together we'll see as one, and smile on Feel each other's skin wrinkle with age Love and fight, fight and love, Cuddle you like a sleeping child

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